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What a Day

Most of this week I will be in Atlanta for various meetings for work. A few days ago, I scheduled my taxi to come around 1pm, since my flight is at 3:30. My taxi driver calls me at 11:30 or so asking if I still needed a ride. I told him yes I did, at 1pm still; he tells me great he will be there at one, on the dot, no worries. I start back up with finishing up with last minute things, and began one of those conversations with yourself as if it was a speech you are going to give the next day.

This one was between myself and my father and/or my grandmother. See my father and I don’t have the greatest of relationships, for the past 8-10 years, we or rather I have been trying to reestablish a relationship with him. It is almost like dating somebody that you have dated in the past, you both know each others moves, so nothing is really new. Things would be progressing, then it is like something would click, and we’d revert to step 0 or negative 1. Just before I moved to North Carolina, he did something that set us back to about negative 100. My effort for proactively trying is basically zero.

Anyway, back to my story…

This internal conversation was basically how I was not planning to see him over the holidays, and him guilt tripping me about this. Of course I stood up for myself, stating reasons such as not having any communication in 8 or 9 months, and so on. After a while, I was a bit worked up, and knew the stress wouldn’t do any good, especially dealing with the ever so lovely people if the airport. Twenty ymberor so minutes later, my father is calling — talk about freaky. The conversation started out awkward, but ended normally, which made me glad. My prepared reply regarding the holidays didn’t have to be used.

I get off the phone with him and finish up getting ready, since it is now nearly 12:30, so I better get going. Thinking how my taxi driver made a point about him being there at 1, I headed outside a few minutes early. He didn’t show until nearly 1:30, and as you may guess, there was some excuse that he had. Yeah, yeah, whatever, let’s go. I pull up to the ticketing counter and hand over my ID to get my ticket, and the agent asks for a debit card. Huh? What? I am going for work, and was told it was paid on Friday. Well, the travel person bought a ticket, but never paid for it. With an okay from my team lead, I ponied up the $230 for the ticket, and figured all my problems were over. Wrong!

Next up: Security

I travel for work every two or three months, so I am used to the whole pat down I get due to being in a wheelchair. Usually I keep my badge out just in case, but since I was stressed from the other events, I had put it back in my bag. Of course either my newer shoes or something on my foot plates set off the scanner thing they do on me. Which entails me to play 50 questions with a TSA officer takes out a good deal of my stuff from my bag for examination. I tried to get the guys to look at my badge, but that went no where.

Needless to say, the security check took nearly 40 minutes to complete, and was a bit frazzled. I was planning to grab something to eat after I got done with security, however my just under two hour wait, turned out to be about 5 minutes. Joy!

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    Ryan’s Journey…

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