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What somebody considers a top blog could be total crap to somebody else. What I find quite amusing is the blogs that have a lot of comments on every post are about blogging. I don’t quite understand why that is. Back when the idea of blogging came about, the purpose of it was to make it so easy to do, that nearly anybody could do it. You find a number of blogs telling you how you should blog.

Now I know I shouldn’t be talking since I don’t have a ton of posts or even a ton of comments on here. But then again, I am not really trying. Yeah, I hit a peak back in February ’06 when I was blogging on a daily basis, and had a small group of followers. I killed that off because when I asked are you commenting to boost stats for a new comment service, they told me yes.

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  1. sir jorge May 29th, 2007 @ 19:34  

    I know what you’re saying. It seems like the only time anyone leaves a lot of comments on my blog is when I talk about blogging as a whole. When I stray from that topic, no one seems to care.

  2. RyanB May 29th, 2007 @ 20:42  

    I cannot help, but to laugh, because you have commented on a post about blogging, and said the only posts you get comments on are about blogging…what a vicious cycle that has begun!

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