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Wheelchair-Bound Woman Killed In Center City Crash

I just came across the following story: kyw.com – Wheelchair-Bound Woman Killed In Center City Crash. A woman, in a wheelchair, was ran over Thursday morning. If you look at the first frame there, you will see the chair — a pile of rubble. Literally. I will give a little slack, and from the picture, the chair looks like it was a . And to be honest they are not the most heavy-duty chairs out there. Quite flimsy to be honest.Arrow Action Storm

Now by chair on the other hand, is quite hefty. My chair is similar to the one you see here, minus the head-rest. My frame is titatium, so it cannot really be smashed up too bad.

What is more disturbing, if you watch the video, the guy who was driving the truck will not be criminally charged for running this woman over. Why not though? I hate to say, however I would bet it is due to her being disabled. Probably if this was somebody else, the guy would probably be half-way to the firing squad by now. So why should he be allowed to walk, FREE! He still killed a woman.

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  1. Sir Jorge April 25th, 2007 @ 11:31  

    It doesn’t seem fair at all.

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