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One-Day Blog Silence

On Monday, as most people have heard a student went onto the Virginia Tech and killed 32 people, and then himself. This has gotten quite a bit of media attention. I was just looking on CNN, and there is about five story on the main page, and three on the US News section. What I find even more interesting is on the Southern news section. Then looking at The Washington Post, they have a much more prominent feature one the main page. The world’s read newspaper, The New York Times, there is only one article on the front page that I saw, and it didn’t have VA Tech in the title, but is the summary. Moving on to the U.S./National section, about a quarter of this section is about the VA Tech shootings. You can also see that the New York Times has implemented tags on the site, so if you like some topic, you can get all the stories associated with it. Here is Virginia Tech’s tag, which is populated by the shootings there last week.

I started this post the other day after reading Dan’s post on the One-Day Blog Silence proposal followed by Dr. Dave’s response to it.

I am actually in agreement with Dr. Dave’s post. Although I do feel for what happened at VA Tech, I am concerned about the proposal. It’s one in of those things that the thought that counts, but there are larger issues, as Dr. Dave points out, that may deserve a silence. However this is a nice tribute,

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