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Note: I started this post in October 2010. Due to being sick, I never finished. I am pushing what I have so far.

It has been an incredibly long time since I have updated this thing. The last time I posted here was back in Nov 2009. My girlfriend at the time, Noelle, did a series of posts back in January.

I will just say Noelle, and I parted ways back in late March 2010. We tried to work things off and on until mid June, however that was not successful. So those three posts will be the only ones by her.


I finally became a graduate of the University of Washington! I now hold a BA in Political Science. I graduated June 12, 2010, at Husky Stadium. It was near chaos, just over 5,000 people walking across the stage. UW graduations are notorious for being bad weather, for mine it was the opposite. I think it topped out in the upper 70s or low 80′s.

Everybody in my party got burnt! It was pretty funny to see the little strips where we missed. I still remember sitting there in the football’s indoor field seeing all the people. This really made me think of things, like I said I majored in Political Science. If you talk to me, you will see my lack of interest and passion for the field. As I sat there waiting for things to begin, I sat there I saw all the groups of friends or colleauges, however I just didn’t click enough with anybody to feel right.

The only downfall of graduation, which was not that big of a surprise, was my dad not coming. Since it was so warm out, sadly he didn’t want to deal with the heat, the people, and the traffic afterward. In turn, my grandmother could not go due to dad not attending.


Like every college graduate, I was worried about getting a job. I applied to a list of places, and got turned down to everything. If I didn’t get turned down, I simply didn’t hear back from them. That being said, something I have done every year while I was at the UW was signed up for a program that hooks students up with federal agencies. So, in late May I got an e-mail from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) asking me to work for them. After an interview over e-mail, I was offered another interview, this time over the phone, with the woman whom I was in contact with, the guy who would be my boss, and my team lead. Days after the interview, I was told they were interested in passing my name onto HR. Just over two months later, I was boarding a plane to head to North Carolina.

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