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12/04/2011: What a Day: 2 comments

Most of this week I will be in Atlanta for various meetings for work. A few days ago, I scheduled my taxi to come around 1pm, since my flight is at 3:30. My taxi driver calls me at 11:30 or so asking if I still needed a ride. I told him yes I did, at [...]

4/21/2011: Big Move: 1 comment

Note: I started this post in October 2010. Due to being sick, I never finished. I am pushing what I have so far. It has been an incredibly long time since I have updated this thing. The last time I posted here was back in Nov 2009. My girlfriend at the time, Noelle, did a [...]

9/20/2007: Summer Job ’07 – End: 0 comments

Just over two month ago, I started my summer job, and Friday was my last day. When I look back, it’s hard to give an overall feel. I have done various projects over the years, but this year I feel like I did all that much. Yeah I created two small databases, I was supposed [...]

8/09/2007: Where does it go?: 1 comment

I just realized something, I only blogged two times in the whole month of July. How sad is that? I got this domain almost a year ago, in hopes to just explode with blogging and other things. However that is not happening really. During school, I was trying to focus on my studies, but I [...]

7/21/2007: Summer Job ’07: 1 comment

I just finished my second week of my summer job. Sometimes when you begin a new job, there is some excitement and stuff. There is none here, mainly because this is my fourth summer working for them. It is basically the same thing, yeah, a few people left and a few new people came. No [...]

3/17/2007: Finals Week: 2 comments

This week was finals, it was quite a blur even though I had only one standard final. On Monday I left work early to start studying, and catch up with a friend for dinner. Unfortunately, dinner plans fell through and that left me to study for the night. Both Tuesday and Wednesday were hell. On [...]