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11/24/2009: Use Bookmarklets Faster: 3 comments

Tech savvy people probably have bookmarklets to add content to their blogs and other social sites. You see link shorteners in nearly every other tweet. Usually what happens is you click on a bookmark in your toolbar, and depending the site you will have to log in, fill out details or verify to save it. [...]

10/21/2009: New Accessibility Checker: 5 comments

I am not sure what to say about the AChecker by 34a Labs… Nice first try maybe? Why am I so harsh? Well, I instinctively put in my site. One of the “potential problems” reported is the following” Tabular information may be missing table markup. Well I am sorry to say, nothing on the page [...]

2/06/2009: Facebook Support: 17 comments

Sunday or Monday I wrote to Facebook saying that the edit link for the “Information Box” directs me to the home page versus getting a popup box or going to some sort of profile edit page. I heard back from user support this afternoon, getting the following as a reply:

1/09/2009: Twitter Got Hacked: 0 comments

I just updated my Twitter account, and saw that it was hacked via a TechCrunch tweet. I replied to the post, and I said the following. Sorry but this made me laugh to be honest… Yeah it sucks that they got hacked. But seriously who cares who got hacked, what is the different between a [...]

11/21/2008: Google SearchWiki: 0 comments

I just did quick search, and saw all these extra icons. After finishing my search, I went to the Google Blog to see what was all this stuff. It turns out that all that extra stuff is Google’s new feature called SearchWiki. SearchWiki allows users to put certain items at the top of the list [...]

11/20/2008: Gmail: Themes: 1 comment

I logged into Gmail for the first time since about noon Wednesday, I saw that there was something new. THEMES! I am not sure how I feel about them really, I know that there are a few things I would like to see happen prior to these. However, most people like to make things pretty [...]

4/15/2008: SocialSpark: 2 comments

I was just given a beta invite to Socialspark, which I am not sure why/how I got an invite. After a bit of looking around, it turns out that Socialspark is just a spin-off of PayPerPost. In fact, Socialspark is made by PayPerPost’s parent company, IZEA. It is supposed to provide a social atmosphere that [...]

3/30/2008: Entrecard: 4 comments

About a week ago, I found an old comment from a friend of mine. I decided to check her blog out since it had been a while. I noticed that she was getting quite a number of comments per post, and I asked her what she did she do to get so many comments. She [...]

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