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30th: Blah Blah Blah, The iPhone: 0 comments

The iPhone launched yesterday, whoop-dee-do. All I have read, or heard about it is, “it sucks.” Well, I could have told you that like two month ago, or whenever the first sneak peaks came out. I am not talking about the carrier or the lack of 3G, I am talking about the design. To be [...]

29th: Busy Times: 0 comments

The last few weeks have been kind of weird for me. I have been doing these little projects here and there around the apartment, but I seem to get nothing done. There has been some personal things that have been going on, which I am still trying to get my head wrapped around. It is [...]

14th: Popcorn Ban: 1 comment

When I was reading the news a bit ago, I came across this story about burning popcorn. It seems as though people at the City of Seattle civic building have the same problem of students at the University of Washington do — not knowing how to cook microwave popcorn. I guess the City of Seattle [...]