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You Cannot be Caught Off Guard

The other day, I saw the following tweet written by Elle.

Friends, advocates, people of reason, help me enlighten this confused developer: bit.ly/FPlFEy #a11y #WAI #ARIA #Canada @dboudreau

— Elle Waters (@Nethermind) March 18, 2012

After seeing a handful of people comment on the tweet, I finally had to weigh in. I did so by saying:

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What a Day

Most of this week I will be in Atlanta for various meetings for work. A few days ago, I scheduled my taxi to come around 1pm, since my flight is at 3:30. My taxi driver calls me at 11:30 or so asking if I still needed a ride. I told him yes I did, at 1pm still; he tells me great he will be there at one, on the dot, no worries. I start back up with finishing up with last minute things, and began one of those conversations with yourself as if it was a speech you are going to give the next day.

This one was between myself and my father and/or my grandmother. See my father and I don’t have the greatest of relationships, for the past 8-10 years, we or rather I have been trying to reestablish a relationship with him. It is almost like dating somebody that you have dated in the past, you both know each others moves, so nothing is really new. Things would be progressing, then it is like something would click, and we’d revert to step 0 or negative 1. Just before I moved to North Carolina, he did something that set us back to about negative 100. My effort for proactively trying is basically zero.

Anyway, back to my story…

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Kindles for Education

I bought a Kindle about 6 or 7 months ago. I was settled in my apartment and job for a while and wanted something to do other than watch TV or dink around on the computer, so I went and bought a book. After getting through a few books, I needed to figure something out, because I don’t quite have the room to get a bookcase. The first thing that popped into my head was getting a Kindle.

So far I have been reading just various novels, so I didn’t really get the push for using a Kindle for education. I read my first text that I needed to make notes in. It was extremely handy to highlight passages, and make side notes on the side. For somebody who has difficulty highlighting or writing in the margin, this opens some doors. Unless you cannot operate the small 5-way navigational button.

Seeing that Amazon is releasing a few new models of Kindles, will the accessibility issues be handled? There has already been a lawsuit over the lack of accessibility.

Complex Table

I was asked to produce an accessible version of a table that is complex. This entry is to serve as a place for comments and feedback for people who do not wish to e-mail me. Comments or feedback is appreciated. It uses both the scope and axis attributes.

Accessible Complex Table Example

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